V 2.0

Began planning in June of 2021.


From “T-Shaped” to π-Shaped to Skilled

I have a broad base of skills and don’t necessarily want to pigeon-hole myself into one type of designer, or even a designer at all. Let me list them here.

Discipline / Sub-discipline Skill Level Comments
Product Design: Visual Design, Typography, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Feature Prioritization   Will be broken out into sub-disciplines
Design Systems    
HTML / CSS    
QA & UAT    
Product Ownership    
Project Management    
Service Design    

Really, there are three levels here.

Base level skills, like “HTML / CSS” or “Typography”. Think of these like skill ‘atoms’ as color would be atoms in atomic design.

Then there’s sort of this hybrid middle level. Design systems come to mind. It’s more about stitching different parts of design together. You need decent competency in the core skills. But it’s cross-disciplinary. Having some front-end dev knowledge, for example, would help align your design system with development components. Actually, a true design system is part design / part code.

Design systems skills are somewhat of a sub-domain of product design. But could also be under the purview of front end development.

So at the top level are ‘categories’ like Product Management, UX design, UI design, etc.

More about Where I’m going

I’m on the non-Javascript side of The Great Divide

More to come on this. I need to sketch it out.



Code: Future



Deploy: Future

Resources and References





  • Smashing Magazine: How to Learn CSS by Rachel Andrew
  • https://brucelawson.co.uk/2018/the-practical-value-of-semantic-html/


  • https://www.dailyui.co/

Project Upgrades


  • Host Watson Assistant skill in Github?
  • Watson Assistant training
  • Botsociety certification
  • Add Watson Assistant to site


  • Secondary Market Analysis
  • Utterance Analysis & Recommendations (Virtual Assistant)
  • UI Branding Analysis (Figma)
  • Conversation Flows (FigJam)


  • Create Santander Conversation Design Guidelines

V 2.0 (Old)


  • Idea: site opens like firefox read mode: no images = sustainability. Reference https://sustywp.com/ inspired by Sustainable UX slack.
  • Learn the JAMstack better after exposure to React and Gatsby.
    • Learn React & Framer
    • Build site with Gatsby?


  • Decide: build own book list or use goodreads
  • Decide: how do I build my own (but shared publically) open source reference

V 1.0

This is version 1 of my github pages site. Previously - and in parrallel - there have been two major versions of my wordpress site.


  • Convert wordpress site pages to markdown
  • Convert medium articles to markdown (maybe easier taking from medium than from wordpress?)
  • Update resume & about me
    • I’m leaning towards: product management, ux generalist (note toolkit), design systems, and interaction design (which in my case really is a sub-set of design systems). Don’t focus on visual design. Often at the intersection of many disciplines: why I liked GDS, Arts & Culture class. Construction PM. History while teaching computer classes. Product management, etc.
    • F-pattern: list disciplines (design systems, user research, interaction design) with associated tools (figma, xd, sketch).
    • F-pattern part 2: connect f-pattern with projects are broader interests


  • Outline content. See content-home.md
  • Wireframe: mobile-first responsive
  • Branding: Typography, Color, Shape (previously completed)
  • High Fidelity
  • ? Add design to Jekyll theme library. (Contribute to open source!) http://jekyllthemes.org/


  • Investigate SSGs: Gatsby vs Jekyll vs Hugo. Conclusion: go with Jekyll for now; Gatsby after you learn React.
  • Investigate CMSs. Forestry.io, etc. Conclusion: git/Github is fine for now.
  • Copyright?
  • Template: CSS Grid (in progress)
  • Resume: CSS Grid
  • Blog content: Jekyll?
  • Accessibility: implement alt-tags

Publish / Deploy

  • Create Repository
  • Static Site Generator: Jekyll
  • Publish to Github Pages
  • Setup testing with CircleCI
    • As of 2019-12-02 I’ve been running into issues.
  • Setup autodeployment
  • Redirect jasonmjam.es to Github pages